Glide Usability Issues

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I hope you guys do something with my free unsolicited professional advice, but I have a feeling you won’t.

We know about these problems, and are improving Glide as fast as we can. It’s not that we do not know how to improve Glide, it’s that there is so much to improve and develop, that we have to prioritize.


Thank you @david

I totally get the workload, I was in your shoes before, but there are some things that are so easy to fix, why not just get them out of the way? Styling is easy! Start with the easy stuff first! How much time can it take to make some styling changes to the dark theme? a few minutes! and yes, I do know what I’m talking about.

Come on! :grinning:


I quite like these nudges - just think is happy folk will be when they no longer need hand-plasters for the ‘paper cuts’ :slight_smile:

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The simple solution to this is to ignore the native form components and build your own. Then you pretty much have full control over the user experience. I know that some people view this as a workaround, but I consider it a matter of personal preference - and I like that Glide provides the flexibility to do that.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy, I’ll def look into that. That’s exactly what I meant about having to jump through hoops to do simple things though. A big ass delete button at the bottom of a form doesn’t make any usability sense, and should not be there/look like that in the first place.

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We can add this to this usability issues list:

I spent a lot of time looking for that delete icon or something to delete rows on the database but turns out I can do it by clicking “delete” on my keyboard. That’s not really standard way of doing things and I would have never thought about it, unless someone has told me that, which they eventually did.

If you gonna put a check box next to each row, then please provide actions I can take on these rows! it’s basic stuff IMHO.


It actually does ask that after clicking the delete button @Fred_Marker

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Sorry, I got confused about previous experience with accidentally deleting data. IF one builds one’s own Delete button, as has been suggested, using the ‘Delete row’ action, there is no confirmation (‘Are you sure?’).

So I agree with @SuperMerabh that more/better UI options are needed for the Delete button including adding an optional confirmation to the ‘Delete row’ action if you build your own in order to prevent end users from accidental deletion of valuable data.


That’s the whole point of building your own - because you take control of the user experience and flow you can basically do what you want. It’s trivial to add confirmation, and you are no longer constrained to the “Delete Row” action. For example, you may want a “soft delete” where the row is hidden, but not actually deleted. Not possible with the native delete function, but again quite trivial to implement when you build your own delete functionality.


Isn’t the whole point of “no code” is to have the most rudimentary features and protections already built in so you don’t have to take control of the user experience? This allows the developer to focus on the most complex and challenging operations, rather than the basic stuff like keeping users from biting them selves in the behind because they click the biggest, boldest button on the screen.


Well, as was pointed out by @SuperMerabh - that protection is there. ie. When you use the native delete function, the user is warned and asked to confirm the delete action.

I don’t disagree with the original point that the “big fat delete” button is poor UI design. My point is that there is more than one way to skin a cat :slight_smile:


I agree with both of you @Darren_Murphy and @Fred_Marker. I think the most basic features should be easy and perfect as far as usability (they are far from it), so that noobs are able to use it and to create mass adoption, but having advanced features is super helpful for those who want and are ready to take it to the next level. If Glide was my project, I would first iron out all the basics as far as usability before I add more advanced features. Usability testing should be a part of the development cycle in any software project, but it RARELY is, unfortunately. You don’t need to be a genius to see that no usability testing was done here at all. Glide can get away with it because it’s super cool and you can still do a lot with it AND because most users are tech savvy still.

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for every problem, there is an equal and relevant solution…

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would you like me to try solve your technical worries?

Can you make Glide more user friendly? This is my only worry.

i do it every time i visit this magnificent platform of creative people…
i see that you would like to make things better … what is that bother you the most?

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See all the above usability issues I reported. What bothers me is prioritization. For example, Dark Theme is unusable as it is, and should be very easy to fix, but Glide team is not prioritizing it, so I can’t use it.

have you ever try to look at Code BOOK?
In Glide you can solve problems… it is very flexible… take a look at this App:

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