🔥🔥 Glide Table not syncing data between apps (as it used to)

My App/Pages Support link:
agent: Glide
customer: Glide

Describe the bug:
Glide Table is shared between apps
Data is collected in the customer AND the agent app

Expected Behaviour:
Data should be in both places - the basic column data
It used to work nicely

And now it does not! This is a disaster for my app - as in ‘close down’.

How to replicate:
Look at my support links - and see if it is specific to my app environment


  • shared via Support - as contains customer emails

I just did a quick test, and I’m seeing the same thing with my apps.
So it might be a general issue.

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I would like to click ‘like’ you your reply. BUT it does mean we all have a very very bad day coming up…


has any of you submitted a ticket?

Do you have videos or sample apps that we can test?

I have submitted a ticket plus videos, yes

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This appears to be resolved now? It’s working for me, at least.

Not sure if it was related to that other issue that you reported (I hadn’t experienced that one).

That other issue was related to row owner on that table.


Oh, so it was a self-inflicted bug? :wink: :joy:

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Not sure about it but Mark caught it and fixed it.

Let’s call it half-self-inflicted. I clicked too fast in the drop down menu to edit a column, and it made the Selected Kit column as Row Owner. Then I could not get rid of the setting as I could only Edit or Find Uses.

It did perfectly explain the situation I was in - and I will happily (ok, grumpily) take 80% of the fault (85% at a push).


BUT… I still have the ‘data does not sync between apps on the same Glide Table’ issue.

This is an issue I had these past days - data being written and visible in one side of the table, and invisible on the other side of the app.

It does not always happen though - I just did a test and it was fine both sides, but the next one I did had no data sync.

Grrrr!!! Sadly Grrrrr @SantiagoPerez


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