Glide not updating googlesheets?

Describe the bug:
Our app is not updating the database from the forms inside the app. It just stopped yesterday.

Expected Behaviour:
Form submissions should add a row of data.

How to replicate:
Fill in any form on your app?

Do you know if this is only happening for some users, or all users? What devices/operating system(s) are they using? Do you have any Experimental Code columns in your app?

Did you scroll to the end of your Google Sheet?

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@shchc it’s all users.

@david yes, the sheet ends - rows have data all the way to last row.


Could you make a narrated video of your issue? Also, could open the developer console and keep it open while your doing the video?

To be clear - any form I’m submitting adds no data to google sheet. So basically the google sheet is not receiving any data from the app.

Also, when I manually add a row to a googlesheet via development area - nothing happens in googlesheet.

Also this issue


By chance, do you have any Experimental column associated with this table?

We haven’t changed anything in the app/ tables for months.

To answer your question: Not to my knowledge for “Experimental Columns” - but I don’t know what that means?

@qb15 If you do not know what Experimental Columns are, you probably are not using any.

Ok, the data has now started appearing in the sheet.

This is around 20 hours later. It appears that all the data is loading - so like it was stored somewhere.

I deleted some rows of data that we didn’t need - we haven’t hit 25K rows yet, but we’re at 19K - so wondered if it’s that.


Can you send a support link to see what happened?

I had the same issue a while ago. I used the advice in the documentation to solve it!