💣💣 Glide NOT picking up row data for a tab

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Describe the bug:
There is no row data for the tabs that are usable for tabs that use the TestFlow table
— it is working in the customer app though - with the same table

This means that NOTHING works in my app at all.

Expected Behaviour:
We use a filter usually to connect a value in the user profile (TFID) with the TestFlow ID in the TestFlow table. An empty value goes to the first empty row. A completed value matches with that row - and pulls in all that data.

How to replicate:
Describe in detail how to recreate the issue

  • in my app I created an extra tab to see if it would display data from the TestFlow - did not work
  • I tested in the Customer app - all works fine.

You can create one using https://www.loom.com/

The Agent app has lost access to the whole TestFlow table (data, computed columns) in the Agent app - but the Customer App is fine.

How to test? Make an inline list to select all rows… if it does not display, it means it can find no row.

This has become a bad day…

I did some play tests…

  1. it is a very very bad idea to unlink a Glide Table from an / the app
    ---- if you do that, you will lose your computed columns…
    ---- and you might lose the glide table altogether (I just unlinked ‘agentpool’ and then it is not available to be selected when I want to connect GTs back again)

  2. Glide Tables obviously only share basic column data (values stored in text or date fields, etc). They do not keep computed columns

And so … if I were to try to remake my table… that would be a month worth of work plus…

So I wait for support @SantiagoPerez and others to help - I have no operations at all today now.

@Mark_Turrell i really do hope you have a backup version somewhere - maybe an older version. Otherwise, I think I will do a compassionate cry with you :confused:

a live system does not really have a backup…
I do have backup versions of the apps at least - and I did not delete anything in my app (preferring to wait to be rescued by the Glide engineering team @Mark )

Making a copy of the Agent App does not fix the problem either. The app is not recognising the TestFlow table.

support :


There is a possibility that @Darren_Murphy and me are suffering from something weird happening with the API @Mark. I use the API in my customer and my agent app. The agent app is the one that has lost ‘use’ of the TestFlow table… but I wonder if the API angle might give you something to bug fix.

BTW I have no working COMPANY while this is broken. As in, I have to close. 70 people.

The table was working up until I filed my support call out… as it then stopped.

I will lose about $1K in salaries … oh well… per day

and chatting with @SantiagoPerez, there is a stuck Row Owner on a text column in the Agent App… I was working on the column for something else… and it is possible that an errant click enabled it (and then it cannot be disabled right now). I was bug fixing values from that column…

It might not be the fix, but row owners on the ‘wrong’ column would definitely result in a table not being usable!

That should be fixed now.

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Working! thanks @Mark @SantiagoPerez and the rest of the team - happy day ahead!


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