Glide MVP app to native iOS app...totally doable 🤩

Beyond proud of the work that the team at Riegel Groupe has done with one of our latest projects - and excited to share with other Gliders what’s possible.

Our client released Bride Squad - an app for bridal parties to get their :poop: together! Everything from planning the bachelorette to the big day.

Features include:

  • Adding and tracking expenses
  • Submitting payment through Cashapp
  • Logging payments made
  • Adding events
  • Adding itineraries to events
  • Group polls
  • Tracking and assigning tasks
  • Logging flight and hotel accommodations + more

Between the UI design, graphics, app store testing, uploading to the app store and more this was a massive project, but worth every minute developing. We can’t wait to add to the MVP with Glide’s newest features.

For anyone with doubts around using Glide as a stepping stone for your app, think again! We developed this in weeks and have to say that it’s pretty stellar to be just an MVP. Anyone looking for premium builds like this reach out to Riegel Groupe - your app may be just weeks away from becoming a reality.

Happy Gliding :surfing_woman:


:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Awesome! What did you use to publish it in the app store?


That’s impressive… ! :tada:

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yeah, curious!

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We published ourselves, but I’ve posted about a few that will do the entire process for you.


This is amazing!

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Thanks Thinh, and happy birthday!!! :cake: :partying_face:

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Thanks Lisa :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Hi Lisa,

Yes, I assumed you published it yourself. But what did you use to wrap the app in iOS? Did you do it in Swift with the UIWebkit or did you use something else?

Gorgeous! How did you do the shadowed section breaks? CSS or images?


Thanks @Robert_Petitto ! Images for the section breaks, though I do want to dabble more in CSS.

I think transparent images are the way to go honestly…start messing with CSS and sometimes you get unforeseen consequences when switching between light/dark themes.


Great point! Images are okay when it’s mobile only. I can’t imagine the stress if we tried the same for desktop.