Glide Expert Book a call

Hi, The “Book a Call” button doesn’t seem to work for any of the Experts and i wonder if there’s any other way of contacting an expert?
also how does it work in regards IP nad ownership etc?

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I tried and was able to click on “Book a Call” on (3) different Experts and get to the next page to schedule.

Is you second question on intellectual property and non-disclosure agreements?

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thanks Cisco, that’s strange I cant get any of my chosen experts to schedule. and yes the second question is re intellectual property and how safe is it to share with an expert?

There should always be an NDA involved and an agreement between the two parties. As an expert, I always encourage to sign both, a contract and an NDA. I would imagine Glide has no responsibility in the relation between the customer and the expert, so would say their position would be neutral, although always recommending to sign the necessary legal documents


These first ‘expert calls’ tend to be 15-60 minutes. This is not a lot of time, and that time is best used discussing your Glide challenges, rather than your app idea.

I’ve used several experts on a paid basis - and I’m building apps on Glide (big apps) thanks to the various helpful input I received.

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