Glide could not reload the sheet

Me too. I can’t reload sheet

We believe everything is back to normal. Can you confirm?

Yes. It is working as normal again. Thanks for your support!

I started just inputting data into my sheet directly cause nothing was updating in the app or dashboard. Just looked over a minute ago to my other monitor with the app-dashboard open and all the data I was putting in to sheets has populated in the app… so I think we’re back to normal again. Thanks @david.

Yes, we’re back!

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@david @Mark
FYI, I’m still experiencing intermittent issues. While the sheet will reload eventually, I’ve been experiencing delays of 5-10 minutes and receiving the following timeout error.

Our backend says your sheet was reloaded just 4 minutes ago. Did you try reloading since then? Do you always get this error when you try to reload manually?

Hey, Mark. Like I mentioned it’s intermittent. About 30 minutes I couldn’t get my sheet to reload and received the timeout error. I haven’t had issues the last 10 minutes pushing several updates through.

What I’m experiencing now might be a temporary glitch, just wanted to give you a heads up in case there is a residual issue. Thx

Hi guys,
started facing reloading data issues across only a few of my apps (some do work).

Are there any issues on your end? Is it just me?
The same app was working perfectly up until yesterday.


Hi guys,
any update please?

Could you share one of the apps that don’t reload, please? And what exactly are you seeing?

Posting this here because it’s of general interest.

The problem in @Ryan’s case was that Google Sheets responds with an “Internal Server Error” when Glide wants to access his spreadsheet. He shared the spreadsheet with me, and I managed to reduce it to two sheets (I deleted all other sheets): a sheet with some innocent data in it, and another sheet which contained a pivot table over the first sheet. Removing the pivot table makes the error go away, and making the first sheet with the source data for the pivot table makes the error go away.

Has anybody else run into issues with reloads not working when a pivot table is in play?


I have this issue “Glide could not reload the sheet” and nothng works. Can you help me?

I have had the same message since July 15th

Hello, I got today for the 1st time this error message “Glide could not reload the sheet” !
Please help, How to restore stable version ? App name/link can be provided in MP.

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I think it’s because Google docs and sheets are facing issues…

see here Google Sheets Down !?!?!?!?!?!

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I’ve erased some lines from my google sheets file because I was approaching 25k mark and then added some new ones.

When I refreshed the table from within Glide I get “Glide could not reload the sheet” message and also, my relationship columns seem not to work anymore - see print screen

Can you please take a look?
Thank you



I saw the same thing yesterday.

I didn’t have the error but I did delete some data.