Glide Bug prevents relations based off a template

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Hi @Mark and the rest of the Glide team. This bug is preventing me from completing this app for a client. It’s hard to describe, but basically, I have a template column in a form submission sheet that merges a store number and a timestamp. This timestamp is formatted as a string literal based off a google sheet formula. In a different sheet, I have a rollup of the latest timestamps per store. In a template column, I merge this timestamp the store number and then form a relation to pull the latest row of data from the form submissions. The values match identically.

What’s weird is that whenever I submit a new form, the relationship breaks. What’s even weirder is that if I adjust the template column in the form submission sheet to something different and then back to the store number - text timestamp value, the relationship magically works.

Here’s a video documenting the issue (viedo still processing…please check in 5 minutes from the timestamp of this post). Thanks for your help.

Definitely looks like a bug. We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!

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Is this urgent or can the fix wait until Tuesday?

Hi Mark. I have other features to add to the app before it can be deployed anyway. Tuesday is fine. Until Tuesday, I’ll keep using the workaround.

Hi @Mark,

Just confirming that this fix is still on your radar and could potentially be solved by tomorrow. I’m ready to close a project for a client and this is the last piece of the puzzle. Thanks for all you do!

Yes, it’ll be fixed on Tuesday.



I got a @Robert_Petitto’s similar problem on my demo APP regarding to Dynamic Choice.
When my 2nd relations tries to find the users associated to a month, the operation doesn’t show any result therefore, my 3rd dynamic choice never appears but in Data Editor, these users were found.

But if I modify or chance something in my 3rd choice component and later I set it to the right relation (the original configuration), everything begins working fine!

My demo APP is shared to be used in your tests.


So it wasn’t just me! Good to know.