Glide app incorrectly mapped sub-sheets

Wrt our App, we were working on ‘VenEx powered Pay’ screen & had many more elements including graphs etc attached here (As Originals)

  1. This morning when we logged in it looked like this with mapping to an incorrect sub-sheet from our Spreadsheet.
  2. When we changed the mapping back to the correct spreadsheet, it looked like this.
  3. Since we couldn’t restore, we redid the entire screen/module & restored it back. Then we refreshed & it was back to what it was this morning (as in pt 1) with incorrect mapping to the sub-sheet. We corrected the mapping & it looked like (as in pt 2).
    Pls. help. There is no point redoing the effort or working on developing the front end further until this is sorted. We are already running behind plan on delivering this to our clients. Your speedy assistance will greatly help!!

This is weird. Have you ever linked this specific tab to that Sheet?

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