Ghost notification appearing!

min 1:17

There is a compound action from the last account setup button
There are NO notifications in this button (and I recreated the button from scratch a few times)

But, when the user clicks, the actions are carried out… BUT BUT…
I get a notification (s381) which is in the button before (which is not supposed to be visible) - and this notification would occur for a condition (which is NOT met anyway).

As the first experience in setting up an account, this is not a good thing.

Thanks, M

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I have seen this very same thing but only rarely. As a first try, can you remove the notification, save the action, then add it back again? I recall that this fixed my issue. Maybe.

Thanks - I’ve tried that and no joy :frowning: :frowning:

I might rebuild the entire tab, component by component, minus buttons, to see if I can get rid of the ghost :ghost:

What a shame. Well at least you known that (a) somebody else has seen it and (b) in my case it certainly went after a “jiggle” with the action. I only wish I could recall exactly what I did. Good luck.

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I redid it twice. It does not work.

It is a terrible user experience on signup to an app…
plus I have the non-displaying image URLs too (support request gone off into space…)

I do like the search ability in Actions, so it is not all bad, @Jason and the rest of the team. So it would be good if the bad bits could be fixed :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’ve seen some ghost notifications from time to time. Can’t recall what I did prior to seeing them.