🚀 Get bonus rows & edits for each developer you refer!

It is for new users only. Have you ever seen a referral program that was not for new referrals only?

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Actually yes in cases where the referral plan came at a late phase but it’s ok, I plan to have many more members in my group that will join the glide community as I believe it to be one of the top no code tool out there today :clap::clap:


Seems like the app logins are counting towards my edits… is that correct? @david

Do app logins edit your sheet?

Thank you for your picture.

Ok, so logins do edit my sheet, and count towards my quota limit. Gotcha. Because I was noticing that every time a new user is added to the App:Logins tab, it counts towards my quota. Just wanted to confirm.

If the amount of new user logins goes over the quota limit, will new users be prevented from accessing the app? And if so, are they given a message letting them know that they can’t be added until a certain date? I’m also noticing that sometimes a user’s email address is added twice…not sure why though.

Sorry for all the questions.

Could you please explain how to referrals?

Changes made in the app or by Glide will always work. When you go over your reload quota, Glide may not get updates caused when people edit your Google Sheet first.


Messias, bom dia.
Eu estou usando o Glide aqui no Brasil também, mas estou com algumas duvidas, será que voce poderia me ajudar? Eu tenho um app que esta com a quantidade de rows praticamente com uso total, de 500 rows por ser um free app. Porém, vi que tem como ganhar mais rows com o referrals, mas não entendi exatamente como funciona. Você saberia me dizer como faço para indicar um amigo ou algo do tipo para ter esse referrals.


Uma outra duvida também se você puder me ajudar. Quando eu compro o PRO do glide, todos os meus apps da conta viram PRO, ou somente um app?

Olá, pode visualizar esse vídeo. Nele falo como adquiri mais linhas e edições.

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Buying Pro will only apply to one single app. The Boosts apply to all free apps.

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