🚀 Get bonus rows & edits for each developer you refer!

What @david explained here was that referral rows are only for free app on My Apps. So, once you upgrade it, won’t count in this app anymore

@david, Referral Links still working? Because when I share my referral link don’t

Yes, as far as we know. What does not work for you? How can you tell?

Well, when I share my link redirects to the main page of Glide :confused:

Yes, we made that change. It does not affect the referral.


Wait wait wait…

Is that what I’m thinking? Can I use my Referral rows in my Teams? Omg… That’s huge! :star_struck:

:pushpin: The referral rows only counts if the developer who owns them create the Team. If you didn’t create the team, this is not applied.


Did you have referrals from all of Brazil? :sweat_smile:


No, @Messias_Carvalho have lol


I stopped sharing my link because I won’t be using it all
Captura de tela 2021-05-31 212558


So you can share mine lol :rofl:

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175k rows?? WTF!! :rofl:


Yeah :eyes:

@david are the referral bonuses still instantaneous? I shared my link today, it redirected to the glide home page (which to my understanding doesn’t affect referrals). The person with whom I shared the link created and shared an app, but I don’t see any added rows on my account.

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Can you please DM me your account email address?

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I am having this same issue of successful referrals not resulting in bonus rows. Tried sending a DM last week but @jason has been away from the boards for awhile - anyone else that can help or provide insight? :pray:t2:


I think @Lucas_Pires can share some insight with you on this. Are you referring to bonus rows in a team or is it just “My Apps”?


In my situation I can’t follow who, when, or where are coming the success referrals after certain amount.

Even though I seem to have a lot, @Messias_Carvalho is the one I know with the most successful referral rows in the entire glide community.

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@ThinhDinh it’s under “My Apps”

@Lucas_Pires whoa holy referrals!!! :open_mouth: I’d be happy with just five! I’ve linked mine in various places for a year now but I just don’t run with a technical crowd… Now that I have some time and getting back into it I’m hitting up some friends & fam directly with ways that Glide could be cool for them :slight_smile:

I’d be curious too if I had that many. I don’t mind not knowing who signed up, just want the referral system to come through on its end of the deal!

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Glide counts as an Active Developer the user who has created an account from your referral link + created at least 1 app + publish it.

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@Lucas_Pires yes exactly - I have successfully referred one Active Developer. App was published a week ago now, nothing happened :disappointed: