Fresh Bug: Required Choice Component NOW allows submission with Empty Value!

It’s obviously a bug caused by fresh code change. Previously same setup worked just fine.

What caused bug?
In short:
Default Value that doesn’t exist among Choice values passes Form Required logic.

Longer explanation:
I have last input value stored in user profile. It is set as Default Value for Choice component that is filled with items from related table. Quite often, previous Choice component filters items so Default Value doesn’t exist. Previously “*Required” worked fine in this situation, but now Submit button becomes allowed and user can submit form without this required column.

And moreover, it now started to set that impossible Value to newly created Row.

Please submit this to the support team.

Hola @Maxim_KM

Can you confirm this is still happening?

Yes, I confirm. Still can Submit empty Required choice component.

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Engineering has looked into this and has identified the issue but the root cause has to do with a lower level design change and is not easily fixed. They have put it on our list of things to address but it will take a significant amount of time since it involves undoing and or re-writing some lower-level code that other new features are dependent on. Unfortunately, these changes will not be implemented until early to mid-next year.


Adding to this problem:
I have two items with subitems, e.g. Blocks and rooms available:
A - 10, 11, 12;
B - 20, 21, 22.
And 2 choices. First one is populated with A, B. When Second choice is dynamic and populates depending on the first choice.
Now, our user chooses A and 11. After that, he changes his mind and changes to B in first choice. Second choice becomes empty but “Required” logic for it passes(due to bug). So user submits a form - and now Sheet has B - 11 in values.

That is not only discomfort for users when they submit, but a breach of data integrity.

So, maybe you all should reconsider solving this bug faster.

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+1 for this. I haven’t been bitten by this but I saw this in some cases.

FYI @david @Mark

Spent an additional hour investigating how I can avoid wrong data submitted to Columns. And no ideas except exotic Joined List of related names, and then ITE with “includes of” which will false positive(e.g. whether 11 is included in 911).

btw, it’s the same for Default Add/Edit and for Custom Forms approach.