Free push notifications solved

You should do that using an ARRAYFORMULA in the Sheet instead.

Stuck on the logic. In the Transaction table, each row needs the user’s phone number pulled from the Profiles table. Feels like I need some matching logic like an IF statement inside the ArrayFormula. If username in transaction row matches username in Profiles, pull the phone number into the Transaction row. Does this right? Can that be done with ArrayFormula?

Thank you

Thank you. Have it working.


Thanks for your contribution, I have a few weeks trying to make it work for me and I have not succeeded; When you have time, could you help us with a video please?
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Hey @Drearystate,

I am trying to get the email tag for Claro in Peru. Would you point me to the right direction?

I’ll be looking for the ones in Chile. Would you point me to those ones as well?


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with what parameters are you looking for them? I can help

I have a couple of people in Chile and Peru and I want to set up text notifications for them but I can’t seem to be able to do it.

Have you tried Twilio for the text messages? Not free, but a powerful platform.

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I have looked into it. It is pretty powerful but I am looking for some other options.

Did you try my text notifications script?

Nope. I ended up using Twilio.

Hi all, I created solution for ‘push’ notifications using Glide web hooks, Integromat, and Click Send. To implement this, you’ll need to do some work, but it offers a powerful, supported solution.

In brief, you’ll configure a web hook action that will call integromat. Integromat is like Zapier, a service that basically wraps JSON API’s for a growing number of applications. Click Send is one such service / application–it handles SMS and email distributions. You’ll need to set up accounts with both Integromat and Click Send. Both can scale quite well, if you need.

So, Glide action → web hook → Integromat → ClickSend SMS
In your Glide action (web hook), you’ll specify the minimum parameters you’ll need to make the SMS call. At the minimum, those will be you message and the number to which it’ll be sent. You can configure the system to schedule texts in the future, very useful if your app is to remind someone of something coming up.

More details available upon request.

Good luck!


Right, but the difference being yours will have a delay and could possibly cost money. The solution listed here is instant and 100% free and customizeable.

Hi, I’ll respectfully push back a little: the two solutions complement each other: they each have plusses and minuses.

Yes, using ClickSend results in a small cost (~1 US penny / SMS), but there is no inherent delay: you can flexibly schedule the message to go instantaneously or at any arbitrary time in the future (nice for scheduled reminders). That solution also relieves the developer of having to look up / know the user’s phone carrier–only requisite input is the recipient’s phone number. Finally, with ClickSend you can set up a fixed sending phone number (small extra charge) so that your messages are automatically grouped on the recipient’s phone (useful if you need to send more than one msg).

Having said that, your solution is very elegant and is, yes, free of charge. All good. Multiple ways to slice the pie, all depending on the flavor of pie you’d like to eat :wink:

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I use this same model. Works really well. Super fast and super reliable. I just wish that a link in the SMS could fire up the app. To date I’ve not found a way to achieve that on iOS.

I add the daabase in its entirety and the logged in user just picks the carrier from a choice option. I currently list every carrier I have and in alphabetical order. When they type their area code it isolates which part of the world their phone is from to reduce the list. I understand a penny is just a penny but a penny is still $20 a day for me if I go that route.

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