Flickering List sorted by time and filtered by user row information

My No Wait Probate app is having major issues with a filtered list. Any ideas?

Does it do that outside of the builder? I would assume an emulator scaling issue, but seeing the loading circle makes me think otherwise.

It does it on over 20 clerk/supervisor desktops, on my phone, and in the builder… I tried reducing the list from 6000+ rows to 100 and it continues to do it. The list can’t be interacted with while it is doing this…

Interesting that it happens with only 100 rows. I have a user with at least 1000 in a calendar style layout and I’m not aware of an issue like that.

What if you build your own custom calendar list with one of the other list styles, in combination with grouping…then set the ‘Show only a few Item’ option to something a little more manageable. I can’t imagine somebody scrolling through 6000+ list items. They would probably just use the search anyway.

The list its filtering is 6000 items long but it only displays items for a specific location and status. The list itself is never displaying more than 20 items. I will try a different layout to see if that helps. I’m assuming this is a problem do to the filters I’m using?

It looks like its just an issue with the calendar view! Flickering has stopped with “compact” list…

It’s an old layout and could use some updates but I haven’t seen that issue with the flickering before.

I would create a duplicate of the date column in your Google sheet, then I format the first date column in glide with just the date and format the second date column with just the time. Then create a template column to “lock in” the formatted date from the first date column. You can use the template column for grouping the list and use the second date column to display just the time. That will give you a look and feel very similar to the native calendar but with more functionality and customization.