Fixed whitespace at bottom of app when sharing url to iPhone 12 via text

My App/Pages Support link:

Describe the bug:
When I share my app via the Share link via text option, the app opens fine, but as soon as I scroll down a white area appears at the bottom of my iPhone 12 screen and doesn’t go away. Also, and perhaps related, I no longer see the info message that explains how I can add my app to my iPhone home screen.

Expected Behaviour:
What used to happen - Add to home screen message and no weird white space

How to replicate:
Share my app URL to an iPhone 12 and start scrolling. You’ll see it immediately.


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If you can reproduce it in a recording, please send a support ticket here. Thank you!

I will. But just open this link in your iPhone and start scrolling and I think you’ll see the issue.

Video at Streamable Video

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Very strange, I cannot make it happen in Safari in iOS 15 on iPhone 13 Pro.

Are you on iOS 15 beta by any chance?

FYI, Shared link to my wife’s iPhone 12 on 14.8 and no issue.

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