FIXED (Can't edit columns now) Column header now showing XXXXX/ category prefix above header

Today the column headers are missing the category prefix. In the example shown below it should be Mon/ , Tue/ etc.
It doesn’t get resolved by refreshing the page or exit/enter the builder.


So I was here to report a bug and then I noticed it was a feature :laughing:

OKAY, now there is a bug because it’s impossible to edit columns now. The dropdown arrow can’t be clicked, and double clicking on a column opens an edit box? Also clicking the upper column header for the prefix closes the column group in a weird way! I’ll get a video to add here.


I know @Jason was working on updating the column grouping interface in the GDE. Maybe it’s been released?

It’s fixed now.
I’m glad I went for lunch and to cool off LOL.

That issue appears to be still present, and happens once you start scrolling in the data editor.
If you scroll back up to the top of the table (so that row 1 is visible), then you can edit the column headings.

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