🚨 February 17, 2021 Outage | Tracking thread

10 minutes back it failed. Was in a demo.

Tried again just now: successful

I’m glad to hear it is working now. If it fails again please let me know, also please let me know where in the world you are located so I can check for local issues in your region.


We believe Google has restored our compute quota and we are up and running again, full stop. Glide should be fully functional again. Please continue to report issues if you continue to have them. A full refresh may be required in some cases.

Further there will likely be a blip later tonight, we will time it for off peak hours when we switch off the temporary infrastructure. Hopefully it will be unnoticed by everyone but there may be a couple seconds of weirdness.


Can I finish building an app through app builder side and it will be saved?



Is the issue considered as resolved ? Even if we keep in mind that there might be some minor issues here and there ?

Yes. We are still running glide on non-google services for the time being, but everything works.

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This issue looks to be now be solved.* :tada:

If you are experiencing any issues, please first try restarting the app and the builder. If this doesn’t work, I recommend you to contact the glide support team in the Glide Outage | Tracking thread topic for more help. BEFORE mailing the support team

Thank you to everyone for your patience. Thank you also to the incredible Glide team as they worked hard through these issues today. They have earned a little :heart: from me !

* according to posts made by Glide Team

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I go away for 2 hours and then…


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Gotta keep my favorite people well informed.


Hello Jason !! Thanks A lot for your reply, just sharing if it helps :smiley:

I found another issue, when I fill up a show form after some seconds or minutes suddlenly It shows the same data I just send repeated in other rows but even with the same timestamp.

Hope this would help to track or replicate if is a bug.

Regards !

Sorry yes there were some actions that got double processed. This should not happen anymore. When google came back online suddenly it immediately started processing the action queue, even though we had stood up parallel infrastructure to handle the queue while google was down. This meant that there were for a bit 2 action queue processors in place.

You should not see dual actions any more.


Thanks a lot for your help !

The other issues disapeared but this one still happening to me, I will log out and try again.

I will let you know if want if the situation still on.

Really thank you for your support

We’re looking into it. Let me know if relogging doesn’t work.

It seemed that the service was temporarily restarted, but the login screen of the app (the email address input screen requesting a PIN) was displayed again.

I am an old organization plan.

It’s about time to start business in Japan time, and I’m using Glide as part of my business, so please help me.

Can you please give me an idea of what app you are having issues with?

It worked ! Now its working normaly.

Thanks a lot !

It is an in-house use application.

Thank you for your help.

Can you give me a better idea of what is going wrong. Your apps are accessible and working for me.