Extremely weird behaviour - everything gets undone

This is only the beginning of an app, but this behaviour is becoming really annoying. I’m changing things, it all looks good, and all of a sudden everything gets undone and goes back to basics, there’s no way to go back or undo changes…what’s going on Glide?

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Can you please tell us more?

Which app? What exactly are you doing—is it reproducible? Is this on the insiders server?

Hi David, thank you for your response. Apparently it is solved, but it happened about 5 times. I started creating the app, so it didn’t have much in it, however, when in the middle of editing, things went back to origins, to the same looks as when you create an app for the first time. I couldn’t go back, so I had to restart the whole process, the prior warning or anything, all of a sudden the screen changed and all editad parts disappeared. I will certainly let you know if it occurs again. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce/record the error as it happened without prior notice, and non, its in the regular server

It happened to me twice on the insiders server yesterday night, so I’m concerned that it is not fixed. Please let us know if you can make it happen again.

Absolutely David. Thank you for your response

@David This happened with Sean and me today just 15 min ago.

Yesterday there was a similar problem creating glide table with add new glide table. The new table was green (like if it was a sheet in google sheet) instead of the usual black then it disappeared.
I was able to find it back with the + > Link to glide table and there it was all black as it is suppose to be

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@david Same issue here:
When creating a new Glide Table, it shows up with a Google Sheet Icon and then disappears when starting to edit the columns. I tried @Marc-Olivier’s trick with linking, and that seems to work for the moment (although the data in the Glide Table also disappeared)
Also noticed just now that a newly created tab disappears after a few minutes.

@Nordi @Marc-Olivier that is not the same issue we’re discussing here.

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I am able to reproduce this.

I saw this too!!!

This has happened to me 6 times now in the last 2 days. I keep rebuilding it. Reproducible on 3 different apps, 2 of which are pro. Seems like a crucial issue to not be able to add tables.

I also got 2 complaints today in the IL community of work not being saved .
Both if them claim it happened more then once today. Fir 1 it happened 2 times and for the other 3 times

Happening to me as well. New tables get deleted. I can " + > Link Tables" to get it back but I can’t make changes to it. If I sneak in a change, it reverts and hides the table again.

I have also noticed this. I think I will try unchecking the feature for changes while editing to see if it helps.

@david Understood your comment. But - Tables and Tabs disappearing could also be caused by a roll back…

This is fixed.


Great David, thank you!


Thanks so much for the quick fix! Really appreciate that @David! Have a great day!