Extremely slow startup

Lately my application is taking too long to start, and sometimes it doesn’t even start.

For example, for those who already have the app installed, the app takes between 30 and 45 seconds to start up, staying on this screen:

And for those who access the application through the link, it doesn’t even load, and it looks like this:

Can someone help me? Is this a bug or did I make a mistake?

I also have the same problem! :disappointed_relieved:

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This is sometimes happening only, but every day it happens once, at least.

Have you ever try to make a copy of your app and try again when something rare happens?

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I just tried it … WHILE, it’s working normally! But thanks anyway, friend.

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Can you please tell us information that could help us figure it out?

  1. What’s your app link?
  2. How many rows does your app use?
  3. Where in the world are you?
  4. What kind of device does this happen on?
  5. Does the same thing happen on every device you test?
  1. 123 Lines
  2. Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  3. Mobile and Desktop
  4. All the devices I tested happened the same thing, only the people who had already installed the app on the mobile that worked, but with an absurd delay to start.
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Somehow, now everything looks normal, thank you very much!

Oops! Again the error is back!

alguns aplicativos meus estão assim também, demorando muito para abrir e as vezes não abre. e estou tendo muita reclamação. gostaria de saber se é erro ou instabilidade no glide. gosto muito do glide, mas não posso ficar com essa demora para abri

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Está demorando muito para abrir o app, está demorando no celular, já tentei abrir em 3 navegadores diferentes e nada. e a internet esta normal outras sites abrem normalmente. Porque isso esta acontecendo tem como resolver? Alguém aí no suporte para dá informações sobre isso. Aguardando um retorno

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My question for @Pedroydzito, @Joao_Paulo_Lima, and @cma_digital would be, how many rows of data are you trying to load? Do you have a lot of relations or other computed columns?

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My app has only 120 lines in total so far …
And with all the data tabs, I have a total of 22 relation columns …

o meu são vários apps mas todos bem simples, não passam de 30 linhas, colunas um total de 15. a questão é que tem hora que abre normal e tem hora que demora muito e até não abrir o apps. um exemplo de apps.


Exactly what has happened to me for less than a week …

acabei de fazer um teste aqui para abrir um apps de 10 linhas demorou 40 segundos no celular e no navegar não abre.

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Any apps that any of you are willing to share to have others sign into and see if we have the same results?

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In the times that the bug occurred, all 12 users who were using the app also had the problem …
Right now the application is working normally!

My only guess right now is maybe internet issues somewhere along the line. Not necessarily with your internet connection, but maybe whichever internet path is taken from your user’s to the glide servers. That’s largely why @david asks where you are located so they can try to determine if there are internet issues in some particular part of the world.

So far we know from @Pedroydzito that this is happening in Brazil. Is that common for everybody else?

@cma_digital is also from Brazil