Extra UI showing in Layout sidebar

is only me or everybody? editor is set to tabs, no access to layouts, no access to support too


Can you share a screenshot? Everything looks normal to me.

i check other apps on other accounts , all the same problem, when im trying to get support, it shows error

Same here

Same here

I’m sorry, I do not understand the problem. I see that there is some extra UI in the Layout, and if you scroll down, you should see layouts we are fixing this now.

Can someone else explain the issues they are seeing?

Same here. Your right, its been changed. weird, so we just need to scroll down on the right side.

Fixing in the next 30 minutes. This is related to the new UI on staging.

Yeah, I figured as much.

I realized it, but I’m not sure if I like it…
Maybe a slight option asking to choose Tab icon?

This is just a bug that will be fixed shortly.

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Basically the Tabs screen has replaced the Layout screen on the dashboard.

I’m experiencing this too. Basically the Layout Tab is replaced with the Tabs > Select Tab > choose sheet/icon screen

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Normal now for me! Tx Team!

works good now and we got new feature… Swipe !

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So am i