Excel Formula Column

is it possible to FILTER column (vertically)? or just rows…


So I assume that we should now be able to create ID’s for Glite Tables lines ? Is that correct ?


I assume that these 389 supported excel functions are all functions that also would go well with arrayformulas (similar to ARRAYFORMULA(IF(A2:A="","",… in order to be copied down in every row).
E.g. TEXTJOIN() is not in the list. (just as an example. I don’t need it anyway)

No, is not working for vertical functions. Or I’m missing something

These will only work on primitive values, not on arrays.

I don’t know how hyperformula works, but if it takes arrays of primitive values then @david could add some array parameters. Glide’s new array features would come in handy for making the arrays to pass in…

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Could you create a working sample for that, when you have time?
To run filter formula for for whole column … lets say =filter(a2:a,b2:b=c2, a2a>0)
Thank you
And how would be possible to reference row position in glide table… i don’t think it is doable… i can have single value in column c, and do filter for the whole column… that would be ok too…
I know i can do that with if else column… but just for a test

I noticed that too. Was going to try to be clever with a filter function :slight_smile:

actually, the filter formula is working, but is not refreshing when values change, only when I click on edit YC column, any solution? @Mark or @david
and the len column have to be text … it doesn’t work when is number type… that is strange…
and now number column is working… is David working on it?..

I am not working on this — the weekend is over, back to the non-experimental work on Glide :wink:


is working … but when i use FILTER formula is not refreshing when values changes … i cant figure why?

OK, so there are the Thursday live of @Mark and the Week-end dead of @david : should we make a wish list for your next week-end (ex. native multiselect)? :slight_smile:

+1000 for the native mutliselect :heart_eyes:

I am getting married next weekend — if you see me on here, call the Marriage Police.


I assume you already have an alias account in preparation for post-marital “changes” :crazy_face:

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Have a great weekend!




Enjoy @david … the last question… is Yes Column counted in sheet edits or webhooks ?

No, it’s not counted at all at the moment.

“at the moment” … OMG! you are scaring me! I replaced my google scripts in half of my apps with YC already…:astonished: and i sold one App with YC