Event picker issue

Does anyone know how to get past the current week in the event picker? I received complaints from my users that it only lets you pick a date in the current week and sure enough…I can’t scroll past November 7th or see any other way to get a future date.What am I missing?

Tap the date on a phone. Currently doesn’t work on desktop.


Unfortunately this isn’t obvious and based on feedback from confused users I had to remove the picker :confused:

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As far as I’m aware, there are quite a few calendar and picker based enhancements in the works. I’m sure they’ll get there.

That’s cool. It just reminds me of the “Enhanced Preview As” release… Getting a new feature 90% there and moving on to the next thing may not always be the best way to go.


Currently the event picker month is not tappable on iPhone. This has never been a good way for an event picker to switch weeks/months, but I was able to change the title of the Event Picker to say “Tap date to change month” but now even that doesn’t do anything. Hopefully this is an issue linked to Glide 2.0 release and we are about to get a much better event picker. But in the interim, my users do need to use that picker.

The date picker works perfectly fine in the play mode on glide and on desktop but not on an actual mobile phones. I can slide the day picker on a desktop but on my phone I have to click the large date at the top in order to change the week shown in the event picker.

Does anyone know if this feature will be fixed for mobile phones?

If it’s working on a desktop surely it should work on a mobile. Or is there a specific reason for the difference in function on the devices?