Error when testing boolean filters

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Hey guys,

I am testing a new feature for my real estate app and I found a potential bug.

Use case is like this: A landlord has 2 possibilities:

  1. Unlock a lead (that shows him all personal details of a lead)
  2. Hide a lead (if it is not interested)

Both information is stored in boolean columns

For the first time the test worked perfectly. But when I unchecked the boxes in the database and went back to test again, the users appear for 2-3 seconds and then they disappear again - see video

Is this happening only when I test or it will be an issue also when I go live?

What is the specific condition you are setting for these? Can you provide a screenshot?

Hi @ThinhDinh

Please see below:

  • the table - both “deblocat?” and “ascuns?” columns are empty (no checks)
  • the filter - the app should show all leads where “deblocat?” and “ascuns?” columns are empty

But the app doesn’t show those users although it should

You are using boolean columns. They can potentially hold 3 different values.

  • Empty if it’s never been set it changed.
  • False
  • True

Checking for Empty will only be true the very first time until you change it. Then it will only contain False or True. If I’m understanding correctly you should change you filter to check for ‘Is not’ ‘true’. That will then show anything that is set as false or empty.

Actually, if you do a Set Columns → Clear Value on a boolean column, it will then be empty again (and neither true or false).

But agreed, true or not true is always the best way to test (unless you actually care about the empty state).

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy
I changed to is not “true” and it worked.

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