Dynamic filter using TAGs created by user

Hi guys! Long time no see u! Watching our God @Robert_Petitto I’m trying to create sth in the middle of these videos.

I’ve created columns where users can create their own TAGs limited by 25, separated by commas.

The difficulty is I can’t use the choice component because it is not one by one value (supposing that has two or more tags). I’d like to allow filtering in an inline list by multiple TAGs selected

In this example, I´d like to filter profiles or users by “RJ” or “Rio de Janeiro” TAGs.

Any tip?
After a loooooong time ago I’m back to updating my app, so apologize if it´s a basic question.

Tks in advanced

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You can use the multi-select option with a choice component. It will generate a comma delimited list of choices.

HI @Jeff_Hager I added the choice component like u said I guess.
It shows the two tags, but I don’t know how to find the profiles with that tags selected, since u cant use “if-then-else” column to get all lines that match. Got it?

One thing you could do is use a Split Text column to split the comma delimited choice list into an array. Then create a relation that links the choice array to the Tags column in your users table.

Another method would be to use a Make Array column to join the choice array to the user tags array. Then use a Duplicate Items column to check for any duplicates. If that Duplicate Items column is not empty, then there was at least one match.


It´s look like simple but I’m trying. I didn’t understand your msg totally.

but I’m trying. In case I get it I’ll let u know

Are you saying that you want to use your tags as the source of a choice component?
If that’s the case, you’ll need to use a helper table and logic to transpose them into a vertical list. Bob’s “Miracle Method” will help you with that.

Almost there

Take a look last column.
Now I have to filter my inline list.

the source of choice is the list of TAGS. It´s working…
the point is I wanna select multiple TAGs

And show the users in the inline component that have one or more TAGS selected.


ah right, okay.

Please ignore me then, and follow Jeff’s advice :slight_smile:

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Hola Alexandre!

I think my example can help you to finish what you are looking for



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I guess I got it!!!

After your msg and this video Glide: Filter an Inline List with Choice Components - YouTube


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