Different behaviour for automatic and manual data refresh

Hey everyone!

I have noticed that glide automatic data refresh and manual refresh (using the arrow button) works a bit differently.

We have quite a complex situation to explain, but briefly, sometimes we have user’s emails being duplicated on the profiles tab and users have problems with login. That’s our problem, not a glide’s bug and we are ok with that. We delete the duplicated rows and after that users are able to sign in without any problems. We created a script that dele these duplicated rows.

But after the rows are deleted it can take a couple of days and the users still will not be able to sign in. Then we go to the constructor and refresh the data manualy, and right after that the users CAN sign in.

So, my question is, why does it work like this? I was sure that if we wait for a couple of days then all of the data should be refreshed for sure on our public pro tariff with refresh “while editing or using the app”. But it seems that I was wrong and some processes are still can be done only manually. Maybe someone have some more information about that? Or maybe we can somehow trigger the manual refresh without using the constructor?