Designer UX - the Screen-Data bar is not separated from the components

When scrolling through my components on the left of the UX screen, the component list keeps going ‘under’ the Screen //// Data //// + to add components…
AND that means that, if I am not paying attention, I keep clicking on the + to add components… not see anything… + + + argh!!.. then…

I might realize I have actually deleted a bunch of components because the x to delete them from the UX is on the right of that table… and so right at / behind the + button!

This has caught me out a few times - so it would be good it this were fixed :slight_smile:


Bumping this up. I have accidentally deleted a few components just in the past hours. @eltintero @Mark.

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It might have got worse… or it’s hitting those of us with a more complex set of components on a screen or tab.

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This looks fixed now - thanks!

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