🥺 Deleting Rows erases user specific data from bottom of sheet

When i delete an unneeded row from my google sheet, the bottom row’s user specific data is lost. This has happened multiple times.

I thought the first few instances were my error, but this is certainly some kind of weird bug.

Any one know why this is happening?? Please help!!
I need to delete rows sometimes.

Are you seeing this in the published version of the app, or just in the editor? If only in the editor, does it come back if you refresh the browser?

Hi Jeff,
It is in the published app.

I deleted 6 unneeded rows near the top of my sheet.
All my clients have lost 6 rows of their user specific inputs. The rows affected are the bottom 6 rows of my sheet.

This isn’t a dynamically built sheet or anything like that, is it? Is there any chance that the Row ID became disassociated with the other data in the row? I would check your sheet history and see if the RowID on one of the remaining rows is the same before and after you deleted the 6 other rows.

Does your sheet have Row IDs?

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for helping, Jeff.
I’m checking the versions. The row ID of the affected cells appears to be the same, before and after the info was lost.

My sheet is basic. Not sure what dynamically built is. So i likely have not done that.


I have sheets in my app that are built from formulas. Because the data and the order of it can change dynamically due to data in other sheets, then it’s not suitable for having a RowID because the the rowID column would be static and the rest of the data in the row can move around. Same situation if you used a UNIQUE formula to build a sheet, or potentially re-sorted data. Doesn’t sound like that’s your case though.

My initial thought was that maybe the rowid changed, or the data didn’t line up with the original rowid anymore, but if it looks to be the same before and after the delete, then that must not be the case either.

Those were my only thoughts.

my row ID column isnt the furthest column to the left. Would that cause any weird behavior?

I wouldn’t think that would matter.

@david do you have any ideas?
I cant add rows in between existing data, or delete rows without this happening.

@david Correction, I can add rows without a problem. Deleting rows still deletes all user data from the rows at bottom of sheet. Amount of affected rows corresponds 1:1 to amount of deleted rows.

It sounds like your Row IDs are not working. Can we see a screenshot of your Row ID column? Are you sure it’s a Row ID column and not a string column?