Delete Row - Not working using APP on Phone

My app’s URL:

The DELETE ROW function works using the editor, but not when using the App on a mobile.

  1. Add Row - success
  2. Delete row - shows Success “relation deleted” the entry disappears on the phone from the inline list
    However the entry is still in the Records table.
  3. It seems that the Relation is missing on the mobile, but is still in the Names table, it seems that it is executing the variables stored on the phone rather than what is actually in the database. Clicking it again then adds a duplicate to the Record table and the Inline list on phone gets refreshed showing 2 entries
  4. Clicking it the 3 time seems to read the record in the database, because now the record is not added because of the Relation

@JackVaughan will appreciate it if the team can look at this. I have now tried various things but it really seems to be an issue when running the app on a mobile.