Deep link special value not showing

My app’s URL:

I am not able to find the special value “current URL” in the edit section…I am using the detail screen , but not able to see it…

Is it been removed?

That function was never released out of staging and has since been removed from staging as well. I’m guessing the special value never quite worked as intended, or they are still working on it.

ok… thanks jeff… even though the special value feature is been deleted … the Deep link is still there for each details screen… is there a way to store the Deep Link for each detail screen in google sheet ?

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I saw you decoding the URL the other day. Is there any random factor into that or can we pre-guess it?

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I just threw it in a base64 decoder and it spit out the contents.


For example this link spits out 4 fields:

{“t”:3,“s”:“class-Features”,“r”:"+tz5nEV8QJaKGzCDIWOwCQ",“n”:“Array column for choice display”}

I have no idea t and s is.

r is obviously row ID, n is the screen title.


A further look in some of my apps shows that s should be “screen”.

There are some variations:

  • free-x with x being a number
  • class-y with y being a text (this should be a screen that is opened after a show details action).
  • menu-rowID, this is a screen that is configured using independent configuration options.

It seems that the string is not encoded in UTF-8, but rather UTF-16LE which I haven’t figured out how to do with Google Sheets scripting…
Basically the URL for detail pages of the same list look like https:// URL /dl/ LEFT ROWID RIGHT
But the RowID is encoded in UTF-16LE so the decode works with but re-encoding in UTF-8 doesn’t. You have to re-encode with UTF-16LE with to get the original string. Problem is that the Google Sheets base64encode function only encodes ASCII or UTF-8…

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Before deep links were released, glide was testing out the ability to write the deep link to the sheet via a special value column in form and add screens. Maybe it was the potential to have the builder, glide, or custom domain being written to the sheet, depending on if you were in the builder, or which url you were using at the time, and why they never released it. Maybe what we need is new deep link glide column type that would dynamically build the deep link based on which root url the app is currently using???

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Struggling with this as well. I thought it was two-way but it was not. Have searched a lot but haven’t found a way to encode the relevant part to UTF-16LE.

Have you guys heard any updates on this? I have lots of use cases stacking up for this one. For example:

I want to have public facing profile pages with custom urls:

In order to do this, I will need a permalink to each user’s glide profile page and create a URL redirect service to route visitors from the custom URL to the app.


Yes yes yes.

A +1 for being able to customize deep link endings.

As a start, I’d be happy to just be able to access the deep link! :slight_smile:

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If it’s any help, it appears you can access and set the deep link in columns through Actions.

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Thanks Jeff! After I read that I spent some time today to develop a hacky prototype. Being able to generate a link based on date would enable me to create a much smoother experience.

More here: Profile sharing / invite friends

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I am trying to do this as well.

I’ve accomplished this through the use of Zapier + Rebrandly and works well. However, the only issue I run into is when the deep link changes. As ThinhDinh hinted to before, its difficult to understand how the DL was created in the first place and what actions changes the DL. My guess is that T stands for Tab. S stands for Sheet and R stands for Row.

So here is what I did.

Column 1: Rebrandly Slashtag (A template column based on their Instagram name - this way its both personal and unique)

Column 2: Rebrandly Link

I created a button within their public profile that has Admin visibility only and has a Zapier Action that sends Link to Current Screen, Slashtag, Name and User ID.

Within Zapier, I connected Rebrandly to perform a “Create New Link” + Google Sheets to Lookup Row and Update Row actions.

Now when I press the button, it sends the Deep Link to Rebrandly, creates a new Rebrandly Link using the slashtag, then finds that User’s Row and updates Column 2 with their new Rebrandly Link. (Ex: User Instagram name is “Joe”. It will create a

I then have a button in the Users Profile to copy this Rebrandly Link so they can just paste it into their profile vs the long and hideous Glide Deep Link. Another benefit is that if the deep link ever changes and you update the Rebrandly Redirect URL, they won’t have to copy and paste a new link. Works sort of like a permalink I guess.

I also created another Button to “Update Link” if the DL ever does change. I just use another Zapier action to Update Rebrandly Link.

The UX is perfectly fine to get a link because I have to pre-approve them anyways. And I dont have them create their own because their public profile is in a different spot than their User profile, which could cause confusion. (As I can only Link to Current screen, not sure how to get the DL from the public profile with a button in their User profile.)

The main issue I have is that DL can change if you’re editing the app and you do something that causes the DL to change. For example, maybe you move a tab around or switch to a new layout. This would cause your Rebrandly link to break and then you have to update them all (via that Update Button or manually).


@Joe_Gabriele thank you for the Rebrandly info. I’m in the same situation where I have the users “username” that I will apply to create each person’s profile link. The part I don’t understand is how to get this link from Glide - and the Glide support docs are thin here. I want the logged-in user to be able to share this link via the share action to a non-user who will be able to view the app with only the sharer’s profile/contact info and no one else’s - kind of like a business card (the logged-in sharer) attached to a catalog (the other app info shared by all). The non-user is not expected to log in, and even if they did, would not be able to create a sharable contact page. Does this make sense? thx

Not sure if this exactly what you want but hopefully this helps a little:

I would go into the list where the public profiles are listed, create a button and use Zapier Action. In the Zapier Action, add at least Link to Current Screen, which copies the Deep Link for that particular profile, your Username Column to use as a Slashtag ( and your User/Row ID column.

Now, you’ll need a multi-step Zap and connect Glide with Rebrandly and Google Sheets via Zapier.

Value 1 is the “Link to Screen” Value
Value 2 is your “Username” Value
Value 3 could be the user’s first name or whatever you like, this isnt super important.
Value 4 is your “User ID”

Now you setup a Lookup Row via Google Sheets to find your User’s ID.

Lastly, you’ll setup an Update Row via Google Sheets using the Row you found above (Choose the column that will store your Rebrandly links).


  1. Create button on public profile.

  2. Set Zapier Action and send:

  • Value 1 - Link to Current Screen
  • Value 2 - Username
  • Value 3 - Name to label Rebrandly Link
  • Value 4 - User ID
  1. Setup Zapier
  • Connect Glide with Rebrandly to create a link using Value 1, 2 and 3.
  • Add Lookup Row - Google Sheets using User ID
  • Add Update Row - Use the Row found that matched the User ID
  1. Choose the Zap and assign to Button.

  2. Go to the actual Website, find the public profile and hit the button. This will now create your Rebrandly Link and store it in the Rebrandly Column.
    (You cannot hit the button inside your app as the Deep Link will be wrong. This is in the documentation).

  3. Create another button called “Copy Link”, which is connected to your Rebrandly Link Column with a visibility (If Rebrandly Link is not empty). Now anybody can copy that profile’s Rebrandly Link.

I personally setup a Dashboard for users to Edit their profile, copy their link, preview their public profile, and see metrics.

I am not sure however to prevent people from seeing anything else in your app other than the profile that they were sent to. If you hide everything to non-signed in users, then they still wont be able to see the content even with a link. Unless this is for a client, you could spin your app into a network so people can not only see your own bio, but find others to connect with as well?

Let me know if I can be of any more help.


Thank you so much, I am going to try this tomorrow. The application is for use in network marketing - I want a distributor to be able to share the same “catalog” (product info) and his/her profile/contact info without sharing everyone else’s contact info. Right now I am accomplishing this by duplicating a free app for each distributor, but the team has really grown and of course this is not easily updated.

So I am trying to figure out a way to do the same thing with a single pro app that I could then update as needed. I thought about doing this by having each distributor share the app with a user code that would have to be entered, but that isn’t a great user experience, if I can accomplish this with a deep link that would be perfect.

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