Date bug format french spanish

Very strange behavior of the Date column. I’m trying to classify recordings according to the last recorded but I didn’t have a date column (I think I deleted it at the beginning) and I put the date back manually. I put the same date everywhere with a copy paste and now I go into each cell. Here is the bizarre behavior:
First I must say that the format I am going to modify is in French, ie day / month year. When I enter the cell to edit the date if the number is less than 10 (from 0 to 9) when I change the day for example I go from 11 to 8, it takes the second value as if it was a month in English.
Example the date is 11/10/2021 i.e. October 11, 2021
I put 5/10/2021 this will give the result May 10, 2021.

You would be better off entering your dates in YYYY/MM/DD format if you are entering them manually, since it’s a universal format.


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