Data Editor - Empty Screen

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I was cleaning up the tables in my data editor, removing some columns.
I don’t usually do it this way, but by mistake I deleted a computed column (Split Text) before another computed column that depends on the this column (Rollup)

Now every time I open my data editor and scroll right towards the 2nd computed column to delete it, the entire data editor screen turns blank and i have to refresh my browser.

Is this a bug? I usually delete columns in reverse order to their creation time. but I would have expected the 2nd computed column to have an empty value ?

now i can no longer scroll right and access the 2nd computed column & any other column after it.

I managed to edit the column from the Layout Area of Glide, the Data Area #3.
The column causing the problem was a relation column where the first parameter was the result of a previous column that was deleted previoiusly. Assigned it to any random value and the data editor is now back to normal.