Data cant update on spreadsheet from the App

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Hi Everyone,

I have an issue here, the issue is if users update data in a column on our app, the data didn’t update in my spreadsheet,

it just happens recently, before anything goes well, there is no change on my apps setting.

I did not use the form feature, just use the basic text input feature.

Thank you

Is that an edit screen with the input components writing directly to the associated columns?
Do you see changes being reflected in the Glide Data columns?
Is there any filtering or Row Owners being applied? (ie. have you confirmed which row is being edited?)

Here’s the screen that you requested:

There are no changes no matter I edit it on the phone or directly on my laptop.

There are no changes because I’m the one that edit this app

any idea?


You didn’t actually answer my questions, which were really suggestions for things to check, ie:

  • Are you sure you’re editing the row that you think you are? (a good way to confirm this is to add a couple of Text components to the screen to display current values)
  • Are there any filters or row owners being applied?
  • You mentioned that changes aren’t reflected in your spreadsheet. What about the data editor? Are changes shown there? If yes, that could indicate a data sync issue.
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  1. Yes, I already check and its work when I use the app from the laptop (screen display feature)
  2. yes. but that not the issue because the data from spreadsheet to the app was works. the issue happened when vice versa
  3. It does also not work on the data editor. I also assume the issue is on data sync. what should I do to fix this?

Any update?

I think we need more information. I’m still not quite clear what the problem is that you are having. Is data entered from the app showing in the glide data editor? Is there a problem with the sync of data between the app and the glide data set, or between the glide database and the google sheet? Is it syncing one way, both ways, neither way? @Darren_Murphy has a good point with the question about Filters or Row owners. Either one could cause the wrong row to be updated if something is set incorrectly. Screenshots help a lot. Screenshots that show the data in the app, the glide data editor, and the google sheet…screenshots that show any filters or any other settings for your screens. Things usually don’t work because of an incorrect setting, but the answer is usually pretty easy to figure out if we have enough information. Videos are even better!

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Here’s the video

What you are doing there is a bit unconventional, and isn’t really the correct way to edit records.

In the video, I can see that you start with an Inline List with 2 items.
Then you tap an item in the list and are taken to the details view for that item.
So far, so good… however…
If you then want to edit that item, the normal way would be to enable the “Edit Form” control (at the top right). This will show the edit (pencil) icon, and when the user taps on that they will see a form with a number of input components (which can be customised), and - most importantly - a ‘Done’ button that will commit any changes that they make.

I suspect that with the way you have it setup at the moment, the changes you make aren’t actually being committed. I’d recommend you try it as I described above.

Also see:

You’ve shown the google spreadsheet, but I would be curious to see what the glide data editor looks like as well, to see if the columns are updated in the data editor, but not the Google sheet

I’d also be curious to see what happens when you update the column in the Google sheet. Does that value sync into the glide data editor and the app?

Also wondering if there would be an issue due to the large amount of empty rows you have before any of your data. Would deleting those empty rows make a difference?

Otherwise, you could try duplicating your app, but keep the same google sheet and see if the duplicated app works better. If that does work, you could duplicate the app and sheet to see if the new app and sheet works better.