Current location not working / question

Hi, I’m testing the current location with friends, and it works sometimes as shown in the announcement. But it works differently on all 3 test phones. All have the app installed.

  • on one phone Glide asks for permission to get access to the GPS (android), other 2 phones not. (android & iPhone) This should be standard because of GDPR. with every app install.
  • on the iPhone retrieving location keeps spinning, so no location (no VPN, location is on)
  • When a location is shared from google maps or apple maps, the location component doesn’t recognize the shared location.

how to solve this… Thanks

Has the iOS user ever declined a location prompt?

The operating system prompts for location access. It could be a global setting that applies to all home screen apps…

good hint @david
A reset of the privacy and location settings gives a pop-up that ask to allow Safari to use the location. then a second screen mentions the app.

Is it possible to force this question in Glide, as some native apps do? Otherwise, it’s not really user friendly.


Hi same here on iOS (WIFI & 4G), retrieving location keeps spinning (location allowed in the settings). I tried from Chrome on my laptop (on wifi & 4G shared), it works, I mean it find a location but 800m away from my real location. It could be a great feature but at the moment it’s impossible to based an app on it.
My use case is an app to report issues in order to keep the city clean (garbage, abandoned bikes…) where the current location is the key feature.
@david any updates on this bug or planned improvement?
Tks a lot :pray:t4:

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