💎 Create a Membership App using Payhere

Ah, sweet sweet Glide API…

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This is so awesome now that the API is available! :fire:

One question in regards to Payhere: if someone signs up to a subscription via a Payhere link or your storefront - would you (store owner) have to pay that 3% Payhere Fee EVERY MONTH your subscriber is charged for their subscription to your app/content/etc.?

Thanks! :pray:t2:

Probably, yes. Don’t know when they increased to 3% though :confused:


Yeah I know, right?…that’s why I asked/wondered…because that’s 5.9% total (stripe 2.9% + their 3%) plus an additional $0.30 from Stripe…

…however, the branded and clean checkout page as well as the Advanced Settings: Webhook option pretty-well makes it worth it haha

Is there an advantage over the standard Stripe payment link?

Maybe I’m missing something.

Stripe payment links can’t be embedded in Glide…so leveraging the standard stripe links means users would be taken outside of the app to pay (poor UX). Likewise, I don’t believe Stripe payment links can be created dynamically like Payhere links.

Alright, after a few tests, I see what you mean! You cannot set predefined fields with the Stripe standard payment like. I also tried https://priceblocs.com/ (0% transaction fees?) but it doesn’t seem to work within the Web view.

The frame attempting navigation of the top-level window is sandboxed, but the flag of 'allow-top-navigation' or 'allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation' is not set.

Failed to set the 'href' property on 'Location': The current window does not have permission to navigate the target frame to


Exactly. I’ve tried several different platforms and payhere provides the best overall user experience.


@Robert_Petitto this is amazing. Have you shared the video somewhere? I have your Glide API video queued up next!

@ThinhDinh I’m looking at the API docs and all I see is GET and DELETE. What are you using to switch subscription tiers?

thanks for the reminder— I had started one and then scrapped it because I kept getting interrupted. I’ll try to post one soon.


When a new subscription is made, I check if the user has an existing subscription, cancel the old one and refund the user their pro-rata amount of the old subscription.

Waiting the video :popcorn::sunglasses::cup_with_straw:

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Ah understood. So if someone contacts you to upgrade/downgrade you just tell them to purchase the one they want and then you’ll process the cancelation and refund of the existing one? You don’t have this done automatically through integromat do you?

I had that process done automatically through Integromat. They don’t have to contact me.


As soon as I hit send I knew I was wrong and of course you’d have it automated! That refund option is awesome. Should be easy enough to have a math column figure out the prorated amount. You guys are incredible.

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Yes, indeed it is! You just have to pass the right thing through the webhook to drive that process.

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Hi how do i save this video?

My YouTube video?


May i ask how to implemet that scenario with buying a a certain number of users to use your app?

I don’t follow. You only want a few users to use the app? You’ll have to upgrade to pro and enable whitelist. Once those users login, then you can get further content using Payhere