Could not load network resources

My app’s URL:

I have made this app for about 3 months, it works great. Till days ago, many user can not use it. It show the first screen for several minutes then show “Could not load network resources” on the screen. Please help me to solve this problem.

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Does work for me - in Denmark Europe.
Might be a local problem.

Are 60 users be a problem for my “Free Plan” app?

I am also facing same problem, I am from India, I have not used in the past 2 days, but today when I tried, shows network resource problem, My internet speed is quite good, all other application works fine. I am using Free plan

I have problem, I am from India

I dont think 60 user is a problem, I am also facing the same problem from today. I have only 1 user.

Everything works fine for me - both Free App and PRO app. I am based on Bangalore.

I have duplicate the app using both the same and a different sheet, the new apps are also not working.

Hey guys,

I’m experiencing a super slow loading speed (my wifi is okay) on all three of my Pro Apps. Is the server down again? This is my third time experiencing this :frowning:

I have attached screenshots for your reference -

From laptop:
It takes a while before loading the page.

From mobile:
It was stuck at this sign-in page for the longest time… (I tried to open the app a couple of times, hence the different sign-in page - started with a blank white screen). Then it finally loaded (yay!), but it prompted for my email (which shouldn’t be, as I have logged on many times, it usually remembers), and … it now states that I do not have access :triumph:

Please assist. Thanks! :smiley:
– Elaine

and… it seems to be back on now :star_struck: :partying_face:

Just minutes. Now my app is stucked for an hour.

and … It’s back to logging me (& the others with access) out of the App. It doesn’t recognise our emails again :frowning:

My apps are all not working either…

I believe that it is a fix needed from Glide team. It’s working fine in laptop, problem is only in mobile. Please look into this matter.

The problem was caused by a vendor we rely on falling over. We alerted them to the issue at midnight and they had mitigations in place within a couple hours. If you are still having issues please try repinning the app. We are seeing successful connections and usage from all service areas.


Thank you, Google single sign also is affected

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Ihave the same problem ihave the same message couldnot load network resources give me help please


Glide is working on it…

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It´s happening now for me, is it a server problem ?
Last days its happening with some frequency

It is something with free plan ?

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SAME and now its not working properly! its been fine! Is there a bug in the system?