Components disappeared

Hello everyone,

How is everyone doing? I have been away since early July and so much has happened in Glide, wow.

I just signed in to the builder of one of my apps (, pro app) which I hadn’t edited in weeks.

All components other than the first one were deleted/removed/are not there.

Is this a known bug?



P.S. It’s nice to be back. I’ve missed everyone.

It’s going to take a while to catch up on all the incredible changes of the past few weeks.


Welcome back Nathanael, hopefully things are going well over there.

Not sure about disappearing components, apart from syncing issues I can’t think of a problem.


@ThinhDinh Things here in Europe are fine. I took a few weeks off. I’m traveling back home a little later today.

I thought it was a syncing issue as well, until I noticed in the builder that the components are just gone.

Want to here a funny one?

I usually have 3 versions for each of my apps: production, staging, backup.

I hadn’t edited this particular app in a while. Went into the builder and was discovering a lot of new features: the new settings layout, new components, etc. I replaced a few empty text components with separators (nice component). Because I made a few changes, I deleted the backup and made a new backup by duplicating the app.

And then only did I realize that components were gone. And so was my backup. How ironic :see_no_evil: :wink:

Maybe @Mark or support can revert to an earlier version and if not, I’ll just redo it.


Can you please share with us what happened when you find out from support? That’s pretty scary. :worried:

I trust I’m the one who did something wrong. No idea how I did it. I wouldn’t know how to reproduce that even if I wanted to :joy:

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Hi @Mark, any idea if this is a bug or an error on my part?

  • App:
  • Tab: Properties --> Enter any elements from the tiles list
  • Problem: At least 4-5 components disappeared. Only the very top one remains.
  • Possible triggers:
    (1) I was playing around with “Select” and “Play” modes since these were new to me (I hadn’t signed in since late June).
    (2) During my session in the builder, I added selector components and deleted text components in other tabs.

I could have done something wrong, but it’s hard for me to see how I could have inadvertently deleted 4-5+ components.


Look at this

The bug is known an reported. You can avoid this behavior in live mode editing.

I had the same thing that you. Some of my components disappeared except the first one.

I hope it’s the same error with the delete key in edit mode which @Mark suggested in my thread.

Thanks @darder for help, what you say makes sense. I think I understand what happened in my app.

In reference to this post, I think something similar happened to me too.

For @Mark’s team, I believe I did the following:

  • I entered the production version of my app.
  • In “Play” mode, I went to the Properties tab.
  • I entered an element.
  • There I switched to “Select” mode.
  • I’m pretty sure I didn’t edit, add or remove any components there.
  • I then switched to another tab.
  • There I edited text components which I had purposefully left empty to create spacing.
  • I hit delete/backspace a few times to change the spacing: nothing happened.
  • I deleted the texts components using the mouse.
  • I added separator components and adjusted their settings to my liking (s/m/l).
  • I returned to the Glide dashboard and deleted my backups of the app.
  • I duplicated my production app to create a new backup.
  • Upon entering the production app, I noticed that components in the elements of the Properties tab were gone.

In hindsight, I realize that in “Select” mode, I believe from another tab, I must have deleted components from the first tab.

I hope this might help.


@nathanaelb wonder where you were. Well then soon time for another meetup😜

Hi @Krivo! It is so good to be back. I missed Glide so much. I tried to sign into the forum but I definitely could not be active or even keep up with everything that has happened since early July.

And so I signed into one of my apps, started playing around with new features, and boom! :joy:

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We think this happened because of a bug that caused the Delete/Backpace key to delete components, even when editing text. It should only delete a component you have selected in “Select Mode”. The bug has been fixed. Apologies for the trouble it caused.


Hi @Mark, thanks for taking the time to reply.

In my case, it was no problem at all. I noticed the bug almost immediately, my client didn’t and it took me only a few minutes to rebuild.

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