Competition to Glide? Probably not, but check it out

Many companies try to be as cool as Glide, however, I’d say, most fail. I was going through my news this morning and saw this: “Turn your spreadsheets into applications”, and instantly caught my attention.
Doesn’t look as cool as Glide, OF COURSE, but has anyone tried it? Just wondering


The comment “all powered by the data in your Airtable or Google Sheets.” intrigues me. I am starting to use Airtable for another project and it would be pretty cool if Glide could pull data from Airtable. But I’m thinking it might slow things down a bit.
Pricing seems a bit high.


This is by no way competition for glide. Glide is looking forwards not backwards (I hope). These guys came late to the party and their pricing is steeper than Glide with less value. Imagine paying $39 and still get their branding on your App. No thanks. If anything, they have just made me appreciate what I have with Glide even much more…


I just read their plans price and though the same!

With $34 I have a Pro plan with Glide!


Totally agree, nobody gets even close to Glideapps, but I thought it was good to share :grinning:


I’ve already see it. But for me looks more like a website, and not like apps.
I fell in love when I discovered Glide, its simple & beautiful way to do the things, and mainly, to be PWA :relaxed:


Try this:

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I think the difference is that give you the option to have multiple paid app !

But I know that with (who’s awesome by the way) the price still sometime can make the difference when you have like 10 apps running, and you have to pay a good price check example : (very high optimistic example)


Let’s say you have 100 sells per week for $200 each sells on all your apps,

100 * 200 * 4 * 2 % = $1600

$32 * 10 per month + **2%** transaction fee = 1600+320 = 1920 * 12 = $23 040

That’s not a lot for $960000 of sell but still somehow a big price for some people !!! Imagine you don’t do that money, it can become a lot !!!

For other alternative, check this out : Glide Alternatives and Similar Sites / Apps | AlternativeTo
Or other tool I found that really awesome : App Builder: Browse tools in this category