Community Challenge: AI in your apps [Winners Announced!] 🤖🧠

Thanks for the question, @Rodgers :+1:

Adding to what @Jeff_Hager said:

Experts are always included in these challenges, but that doesn’t mean they have an upper hand.

A great submission, in my opinion, covers three things:

  • Why it was built: What problem does the app/feature solve?
  • What was built: What does it do?
  • How it was built: What was the approach in creating it?

When selecting winners for challenges like this one, we’re weighing multiple factors. Sure, Experts may be able to build more complex apps, but that’s not necessarily what we’re looking for.

We ask things like:

  • Does it solve a practical or interesting real-world problem?
  • Is it creative? Is it a unique approach?
  • Is it elegant? Is it a surprisingly simple solution?
  • Is it inspirational? Does it show others what’s possible with Glide?
  • Did the creator expand their skills with Glide with this submission?
  • How well does it fit the criteria and spirit of the challenge?

E.g. We had some great entries from non-Experts in our first build challenge for Glide Actions.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: