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Describe the bug:
Google sheets fail to syncronize and says that a column is missing in data editor, but it’s there…already tried to remove and make the column again but same problem arised after 2 days…
The column is Qtadef and the sheet is Atterraggiopython…the column is a glide column, not a google sheet column and it’s used only to store a temporary value. You select the value and then you click a button that copy this value to a different sheet(with other cell vaues of same row) and clear the value. If I am not wrong, I would say that the column in glide editor sometimes disappears and then appears again…

Please Help Me!

Expected Behaviour:
Column should stay there and be always cleared after button action. that’s it.

How to replicate:
I do not know


That is not a glide column. Only computed columns or user specific columns live exclusively in glide. Based on the column type and coloring of your column header, it tells me that it’s a basic numeric column that should also be appearing in your google sheet. Can you confirm if that column exists or not in your google sheet? It should be there, and if it isn’t, then it should be.

One of two things are happening. Either your Google sheet (formula or script perhaps) is removing the column somehow, or what you really should be using is a user specific column instead to store the value temporarily.

I guess it all depends on the purpose of that column, but based on your video, that is definitely a column that should have existed in the google sheet at one point. It is not a column type that would only be in glide.

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Dear Jeff,

thanks for your reply. As far as I knew (or more correctly, thought), glide created columns would have stayed in glide and not beeing populating anything in google. If I create a text column in glide, on a google based table, does it create a new column in google sheet? This was somnething I did not know(and did not expect to be honest)…Once you teached it to me, this explain why I am getting unexpected behaviour.

This solved my issue, Thanks!

Question: if I make user specific column in a pubblic app without sign-in, custom actions which involves the value put in that specific “cell” will then work or will them not work? In my case, the value was only a temporary value to be used to add new row to another sheet, and then I delete the value itself. The fact that user specific columns get “lost” after refreshing the app was in my needs (now I do this with a “clear value” action). With USC would the action work and the value would have cleared on its own or the custom action would have not loaded correctly as the value would have been stored only in user device’s memory?

I do not know if I was clear in my question :slight_smile:


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Yes, if you add a basic column type that is not user specific, it creates the column in the google sheet itself. As such the only way to delete the column is to remove it from the google sheet.

Since you are using the column to temporarily hold a value for a short amount of time, I think a USC will be a perfect use case for this. Yes, it’s true that if you are not signed into the app, then a USC column will be cleared when the app is closed. The value is only retained if you are signed into the app. However, I believe that you would still want your action to clear the value if you need it to be cleared while you are still in the app. Your action should work the same. All actions run on the user device with data that is on the user device, so it should not be a problem.


Thank you very much for explainations!

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