Choice Error don't know why

I have a button that goes to a link to screen:


In that screen I want to put a choicer pointing to a field in my users (usuarios) sheet. (I have row owners and also filtered by signed user the details screen).

The choicer pick two values from a resources sheet and I want to put that value in a user column which is in a group.

But the components list does not show what it’s wrong with the component.


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What if Sexo column doesn’t belong to a group?

Does it work? Maybe it is a bug using this new feature (group).


Same error with an outgrupped column.

I see.

If you use a Choice component already created you have the same issue?

Maybe some Glide update is affecting new components.

The thing is that in that screen is the first choice component

No, I mean: open another APP (or Tab) where you are already using a Choice component (don’t create a new one) and test it with this problem

Mine is doing the same thing. I haven’t changed a single thing in my app and it was working the other day last time I opened it. This is inside a filter button.

I just checked it in some of the apps I’ve copied like Concepts and there are errors on all the choices so it’s likely some sort of bug. I cleared browser cache and it’s still an issue.


Seems like a bug only. Even i have seen such behavior in my apps.
Also have observed that if i create a new tab, i am unable to change the source sheet for the same. Also cant setup the visibility conditions for that tab.

Changed the topic to a bug then.

It’s something know by the team? @Jason @Mark

I’ve checked what @NinaDCS said, all my Choicers are giving me errors. But Choicers that i’ve using for days (i mean that i didn’t change anything to them):




  • as far as I can see, there is no actual error, and everything is behaving normally
  • it appears to be all input components affected, and not limited to choice components

So I’m not overly concerned about it.

That’s odd. Could you send me a support link, please, and tell me where to find one of those screens?

Sure, will PM shortly.

With Darren Link it’s okey? or do you want to see more?

For me it’s only in choice components and the ones created before that (let’s call it bug) the new ones seems to be not working. (15th of June, I don’t know today because i’m not with a laptop for the moment).

I found the bug with Choice, the fix will land Friday.

@NinaDCS you posted a screenshot where you had the warning on Number Entries? Are those two bound to different columns, and there’s no other component writing to those columns, either? If so, I’d appreciate a support link, and info on how to get to that screen.

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Yeah the number columns were also showing the same behavior. I sent you a message!

Thank you! Yours will be fixed on Wednesday. It happens because you also have buttons that write to those columns, but they’ll shouldn’t give those warnings.

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@Mark Looks like i have joined the party too with the error on the Choice component.

No warnings or error messages anywhere and its pointing to the correct fields. But all components highlighted in red.