Changes to lists are not reflected in the preview

My app’s URL: I cannot provide a screenshot but i can shoot a video in the attached file.

Whenever I modify the layout controls the layout screen is not refreshing itself.
I’m on MBA M1 - Big Sur

What I tried :
Completely reset safari
Completely reset chrome

Hey !

Thanks for reporting ! Since when do you experience this bug ? There was a few bugs today but it seems to be fixed as of now.

Please do share a video, this will help the developers identify the problem.

Top !


  • It’s not working since yesterday
  • Weird but undo button is working flawlessly

This is a bug we continue to work on. We’ve released the fix twice today, and had to revert due to other issues. It should be fixed once-and-for all tomorrow with a special release.

For now, you have to toggle to data editor and back to completely refresh when you change a list.


Hello @david ,
Are there any update about this bug.
It is really annoying and exhausting to work on glide currently.

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We decided not to deploy yesterday, but will be able to release the fix Tuesday. If you are exhausted, please rest.

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Finally fixed!