Changes on editor not being applied to app

I was trying to build a little app experiment and the changes I was making to the list layout, such as changing the bits of data shown, removing image and so on, weren’t being reflected on the app preview. Only appeared after refreshing.

I’ve been seeing the same (similar) thing in the past day or two. There is often a delay of several seconds when making layout changes in the builder, before the changes take effect.

For me there is no delay, it simply won’t change until I fresh it. I have to either go into an item and back out to see the changes, or back out completely and back into the component to see any changes I’ve made. Its become rather frustrating.

Component display changes used to happen almost instantly.



Yes, I believe it’s the same issue - at least in my case.
I just did a quick test, and the issue is still present.
But it seems that a fix is on the way…



Update for you


Yeah, saw that. Probably going to avoid the builder as much as possible for a couple of days and work on scripts instead :grin:

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Fix has been shipped, closing topic.

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