Cards with avatar

Pls look at this bug. At least it observed in glide builder.

If you refresh, does it go away?

No, refresh does not help.

Yes it’s an old bug
It is the same in Desktop as in Mobile.

bug is still there. Avatar is a computed column. I changed it to a basic column and still the cards are overlapping.

it only goes away when I go to a different tab and back or product detail view and back.
but every new user of the app will see this bug when they visit the products page the first time

any advice what can be done?

Link to the App

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@tristan can you take a peek?

It’s this same old issue again I think

We have a fix going out for that. ETA < 1 week


Spacing between cards has been an issue for a while.

I also have the same problem with inline lists that use txt wrapping… at first it loads overlapping, leaving tab and coming back will fix itself.

Sometimes the inline lists with txt wrap load correctly on the first go