Cannot sign into the builder

This is the third day that I have not been able to get into the Glide Builder. I am in a perpetual loop of trying to sign in, getting an email with a link, opening that and enter my email address, and then getting another email with a link, and on and on.

This is happening on a Dell computer with Windows 10. I have removed all extensions, cleared my cache, restarted several times, and tried on three other computers. I have not made any setting changes to my PC recently and do not have a VPN.

Glide support suggested all of the above things, but seems to have given up on the issue. Any ideas?
I think it could be a password issue because at one point in the process a screen popped up asking me to change my password. I reluctantly did so because I was willing to try anything, but that didn’t solve the problem.
Help Please!

Does it work on another browser? Another computer on the same network?

Hi David! I use Chrome and have also tried Mozilla and Edge with the same result…a loop. I just tried the mobile hotspot and still got the same message.
I am using a Dell Windows 10 and have tried 3 Lenovos with older Windows versions. Nothing will connect me. Everything had been working fine except something unusual is happening with the edit pencil. It is acting strange.

Thank you for any help. I have some big changes to put on the RWC Pro App over the weekend.Jill

Hello, I am with the some proble. I was using normaly the plataform yestarday, but today I had tried to acess and results in a loop as mentioned before…

I am with the some problem. I tried to login with google account but didn´t works.
The plataform sent a email but I am in a perpetual loog going back to the inicial login window.

If you need more detail , please send me a mensage by email that I will help you to solve:

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Still cannot get into the Builder. It is strange that Glide works fine on my phone and tablet. Working off a small tablet is very difficult though.

I have been struggling to open the Glide builder for my apps a lot today and yesterday too - on superfast, brand new machines with fast internet (checked on Spinning, and spinning…

I haven’t experienced any similar issues, but it might be worth creating a video of your experience to see if there is anything we can notice.

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I am attempting to make a video, but am not having much luck.

What happens is:

  • I open the Main Glide screen and click on Login.
  • This takes me to a screen where I have the option of signing in with Google or with my email. (In the past I went directly to the Builder - no signing in.)
  • Using the Google option just sends me back to the sign in screen.
  • The email option tells me to check my email for a link from Glide.
  • When I click on the link, it brings me back to the signin screen with the Google or email option.
  • And I am back where I started.

Each time the Builder flashes by giving me hope, but then back to the signin options.

Can you please open your browser’s JavaScript console and share a screenshot of anything printed there? I expect you’ll see errors printed in red.

Thanks for looking at this David.

Six days and I can’t get logged on to Glide on my PC. The signin process is still in a loop.

The only way I can possibly reproduce this is by using Incognito mode, which disables cookies.

  • Looks like you’ve tried several computers.
  • Looks like you’ve tried several browsers.
  • Looks like you tried different internet providers.
  • Are you using Incognito mode by chance?
  • Have you disabled 3rd party cookies, or can you check if they are disabled?
  • Do you get any other messages on the screen?
  • Are you using, or
  • Did you have any windows updates prior to this issue? Your problem could possibly be coinciding with Windows Patch Tuesday, which is the second Tuesday of the month.

I’m testing with Chrome in Incognito mode. I did the ‘Sign in with Email’ method, since I got the 3rd party cookie error when attempting to sign in with google. Visiting the email link in incognito mode also gave me the cookie error, which essentially appears to be similar to your looping issue.


Can you explain these statements further?

I honestly don’t remember if I have had or used a password to sign into glide. I’m guessing not, because I’ve always used google authentication. Is it a google password you changed, or a glide password?

Is this related to your sign in issue to the glide builder, or something different with a specific glide app?

As for a video, have you tried

Sorry, I don’t have any good ideas. Seems like you’ve tried several different things.


Thank you Jeff for responding so thoroughly!

I have changed my settings to allow all cookies.
I am not in incognito mode.
There have been no other messages on the screen except the one time that I was asked to change my password. Desperately I did and was required to change it to a 10 digit password.
I use both and
I have not had any windows problems, but the this problem did start last Tuesday.
I have not tried a different IP except for using my cell phone as a hotspot. I am going out of town tomorrow and will be using a different provider then.

The EDIT issue started before this problem and is a separate issue. When I click on the "allow users to edit box:, and then “add condition for when editing is allowed” I get a list of column names and not the option I am looking for. I would like to “Allow editing when Reader (User) is administrator.” This is working on some items in the inline lists, but recently I have not been able to get it to work.

Thank you for any ideas. It is beginning to sound like a Windows problem???


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Hi Jill

The first screenshot you posted above shows a number of Glide-related cookies.
Have you tried deleting all of those?
If not, I’d suggest doing so and see if that helps.
Quite often these sorts of problems can be caused by a “bad” cookie.


Success!Thank you Darren!! Glide is back. It was the Glide cookies. I hadn’t deleted them because I thought they were needed to keep Glide running smoothly. The Glide team really does go above and beyond for its customers. I can’t tell you how many people I have told about Glide and what a wonderful product and company it is!
Thank you all… David, Jeff, and Jesus. :blush:

Jill Rohan 203-232-1406


Woohoo! Hopefully we remember this if it happens to someone again.

Nice catch @Darren_Murphy

@jillrohan as for the Edit issue, now that you can get back in, maybe you can share some screenshots to try to figure that out.

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heh, I did actually suggest this to Jill last week in a reply to a separate topic on the same issue, but I think she may have misunderstood at the time.

This is not the first time that clearing cookies has been the “solution” to login issues. At least one other related instance that I’m aware of…


Good to know

We shipped a potential fix for this. Can you please test?

We believe it was the same issue as Glide freezes - #15 by david