Cannot save edits to Actions... (often)

actions do not save
and loading the app can take 5+ minutes (it was not this long before…)

I did get the app to open faster by closing down all Chrome things and then reopening - then it zipped open. That’s a relief!

It does look like a memory issue - emptying Chrome tabs seems to make things much faster, including allowing me to save actions that had been stuck before. Therefore probably not a bug (hopefully not)

Maybe I can help @jason with this one. Let me create an if then else when user edit anything so true else true


Glide requires a bare minimum of 20538GB of RAM if you happen to be Mark Turrell.


I was having the same problem due to the amount of column I had in my sheets

oh, that’s so true… :rofl:

I now keep the Mac Activity monitor open now as a persistent app. I now suspect that there might be issues if Chrome is taking up 46gb and the kernel 70gb of memory.

The new habit? Closing chrome more often and restoring the tabs. Quick to do, zippier speed :rocket:

46GB shouldn’t be a problem when you have 20538GB in total :joy:


This happened to me and @Lucas_Pires if I’m not wrong…

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The problem persists!!! Extremely annoying and frustrating!!!

@Pablo_Miguel_Martine Could you please send me a support link to your app and tell me how to get to the action you can’t save? Ideally make a video.