Can you create recurring payments by passing certain metadata through zapier to stripe?

I have been playing around with adding recurring payments in the app for a while now & had an idea, not sure if anyone has tried it or if it would even be possible.

I saw on the zapier integration with Stripe, if you select create a new customer, you can pass all the information that the regular stripe checkout has & metadata. i was wondering if you could pass additional data through the metadata section so that it charges as a recurring payment. Instead of the stripe form, you could use a regular form & putt the additional data you need.

wondering if anyone has any ideas or has done this successfully.

I found you can do it using other services besides Stripe like Chargebee. Still curious about stripe though for recurring payments as it would be nice to have it all in one place.

You can see all the payment processors through Zapier here for future reference.

At the moment, you can’t do that natively in Glide using Stripe.
But you can always link to an outside platform.

@eltintero no i know you can’t do it natively, but through Glide’s integration with Zapier

Not that I’m aware of.

Glides integration with stripe doesn’t work for recurring payments.

yeah you can’t. was thinking about it completely wrong. Subscription is a completely different object in Stripe

Hey, I am also trying to get recuring payments done in my App. But I am trying to do it with Paypal.

But I am also struggling:
In Paypal you have a link for the subsription. When a customer clicks taht link, he or she can subscripe. There is also a link for unsubscribing the recurring payment.

Now to my problem. When a user wants the premium version which opens up some more features in the same app he or shee needs to subscribe to the recurring payment. So I made buttons for the subscription and unscubsirption and changed the visibility accordingly. When subbed see Cancel Sub. and when not subbed see Start Sub.(“Get Premium”). The problem is, how can I track which user really did the subscription. I thought of making a table with all users, keys and Mails and a row Subscribbed with 0 or 1 this row is updatet as soon when a user finshes the subscription process or the sub. cancel process.

How to do this? Make an request to paypal when there is a new subscriber paying, then lookup the mailadress in the sheet and give the row subscribbed a 1. Same goes for unscubscribed. BUT!!! What if the paypal Account has a different Mail used than inside my App? Boing…no idea how to get over this…

If someone can help me out here, that would be amazing.

Maybe my thoughts can help you too!

Cheers Nico

Hey @Nico

Interesting - i would love to see how you set that up with PayPal! Would you mind sharing your app??

What you’re doing shouldn’t be that difficult if you’re able to integrate with a service like Zapier (i think you have to pay) or Integromat (free). If not, you could probably have PayPal send you an email with the invoice & maybe you’d be able to pull the information with an App Script or through Zapier/integromat. You can connect a new customer as a new row in a spreadsheet & then filter by signed in user. If it’s a different one, you can use a list relation for multiple emails from one person, so no matter which they log in with, it will be recognized. Might be a little complex to set that all up but i’m sure it’s possible!

I need something similar so i would be down to collaborate on this!


Sure man!

I did try a lot of testing with integromat. It´s easy to catch the paypal-mail of the subscriber when he/she starts a subscribtion. The same goes for canceling. I can show it to you.
But here comes the tricky part, making the matching of paypal profiles with glide profiles.

I thought of a ton of solutions, here is one for example:

  1. When a new user logins automatically takes this info and create a wordpress user on a website you have.
  2. Show them a “Get Premium” button in glide.
  3. When pressed link them to the wordpress site (now they have to log in(annoying…)).
  4. Show them the paypal button
  5. After they paid integromat will pop a notification using targeting new woocomerce payments
  6. Now take their mail adress from wordpress which is the same as in glide since we created that profile that way
  7. And “bamm” update the right user (lookup mail adress) with integromat in the glide excel with the row “Premium” to 1.

Hey Alex,

I managed to make recurring payments possible with Paypal and Integromat.Not an easy task but with some Webhook Magic it´s running!

Hit me me up with you wnat to know how! :slight_smile:

Cheers Mate!

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Hi Nico, I want to have recurring payments for my app in order to have a monthly subscription for my users. Could you help me out? Thanks!

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