Can not open the app in pc browser/phone browser

My app Link:

Dear All,

Have anyone encounter similar issue like mine?

When opening the app through edit link:

it can be opened as usual.

However, whenever opening it through the public link, it can’t be opened:

I’m not sure whether this is related or not, but previously I cleared my cache for troubleshooting another issue.

Thank you if anyone has any suggestion to solve this issue.

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See twitter

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Same here! Sent a message via Intercom reporting it as well.


Great, Thanks!

will wait for the resolution then. :grinning:


Hoping this would be resolved soon!

Looks like things are back to normal… for me anyways.

Yes, it is working fine now!

Hi, I am currently having this same problem. I had an app created by a friend which will no longer load. I was making my own app and that won’t load either. I had tried to change the privacy just before my problem started.
Please help.

I have the same problem with all my apps right now too, some of them are Pro Version too. Couldn’t open them in any devices, it’s only show white screen