Camera Only not working properly

Image Picker - to upload and image - upload form is enabled to Camera Only
however feature directs users to upload images from camera roll without being able to upload and image using their camera

Is anyone else experiencing this issue

I would like for my users to not be able to upload images from their files but to
upload only from their camera only

It might be helpful If I am not wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you
I have the Camera only settings enabled

When using the app the image selector is still directing users to upload images via their browser

Can you share a record of the bug in action? What type of device and OS is it?

The bug was noticed using an Android device

When the Camera Only feature is enabled it use to work, allowing a user uploaded an image by taking a photo using their camera phone then selecting to keep the photo or retry taking the photo and then using that photo to upload the image

that feature is not working currently
it only allows the user to upload images from their camera roll without the ability to be able to take a photo while running the app to be able to upload a photo

now a user will have to exit the app
take a photo
then relaunch the app to be able to upload the photo in the image picker portion