Calling all IT teams and pros: join the Glide for IT group

We’ve created a private group for IT teams and professionals who use Glide.

Members get:

  • Added to a private Slack workspace
  • Direct access to the Glide team and leadership
  • Regular office hours with a Glide solutions architect

Out of all the in-house roles and teams who use Glide, we’ve seen IT push Glide the furthest.

We’ll be able to work more closely together through this new group. :+1:

Interested? Apply to join →


Are there any example use cases (just headlines) we can learn from on how IT teams have leveraged Glide.

@abdo - Take a look at the customer stories for real-world examples. :+1:

Super cool! We’re just starting our No Code Agency journey. Came at exactly the right time!

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